How we play

Monday and Thursday daytime sessions

Please note: if you plan to arrive after 9:40, please call or text 0477 617 741 so that we can add you to the list of players.

We use a handicap system, which allows players of different abilities to play each other fairly. Because of this, a game is won with 21 points. New players are allocated an initial handicap, based on an assessment by a committee member.

Only players with a minimum level of ability can join the Monday and Thursday morning session, as these involve organised matches, Players who do not achieve the minimum level are advised to join the Tuesday morning sessions (see below), where free coaching is available.

At the end of each term (or sooner if appropriate) handicaps are adjusted according to the results of all games.

For each term (approximately 12 weeks) you can choose to play socially, or join a team for the competition. In either case teams, consisting of two players, play each other.

Social play

At each session the committee will allocate you a partner and an opposing team. Your partner will be different each time. Play consists of

  • One doubles set
  • Two singles sets for each player

Each set comprises the best of 3 games.

Competition play

At the beginning of the term the committee will allocate you a permanent partner for the term. At each session your team will play one of the other teams in the same grade (A or B grade). Play consists of

  • One doubles set
  • Two singles sets for each player

Each set comprises the best of 3 games.

Order of events

  • Casual play from 9 am to 10 am
  • Match play (social or competition) from 10 am until finished
  • Casual play until 1 pm

Tuesday morning sessions

These are casual sessions: arrive any time between 9:30 and 12 noon and play with whomever you like. Free coaching is available. These sessions are suitable for beginners as well as others.

During busy times you are expected to share the table with three other players.

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