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Phoenix Park Table Tennis open as usual Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June, closed Thursday morning 24 June

We have been advised by Stonnington council that we can open next week under the following conditions:
1. Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June: normal times.
2. Thursday 24 June: CLOSED for the MORNING session. This is because the centre has overall capacity limits and there will be vaccinations taking place in the morning.
3. A MAXIMUM OF 50 PEOPLE in any session. This includes everybody.
4. You MUST wear a mask at ALL TIMES when not actually playing. If this rule is not followed we may have to close until all restrictions are lifted.
5. QR code check-in will be mandatory. Those of you who do not have a smartphone or whose phone does not do QR will need to check in using somebody else’s phone (probably one of the committee’s)
6.  Good hygiene to be practised at all times – wash hands, use hand sanitizer, cough into the elbow, etc